Porsche Golf Cup Querétaro 2023

Under the name “Porsche Golf Cup Querétaro 2023”, clients and potential buyers enjoyed and participated in an exciting golf tournament that took place at the Zibatá golf course. This event was part of the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the iconic luxury sports car brand, which attracted several players willing to compete in the tournament.

The purpose of this event was to foster community among customers and future clients of the Porsche brand in Querétaro. During the tournament, participants demonstrated their skills in the game, while sharing an atmosphere full of sportsmanship and friendship. The guests, who came from different places, enjoyed the hospitality of Porsche, with impressive scenery and meticulous planning.


The day ended with the award ceremony, where the winner received prizes from various sponsors, such as brand accessories, golf backpacks, gas cards, among others. The event managed to merge the passion for golf and the characteristic luxury of Porsche, resulting in a memorable day of competition and fellowship.

Punto de Partida. Fashions, wefts and textiles

An exhibition, 50 designers and 100 silhouttes made in raw blanket are the heart of Punto de Partida. Fashions, wefts and textiles. This space promoted by the Javier Marín Foundation and the Palacio de Hierro Querétaro during the month of July sought to be a tribute to the city of Uruapan, Michoacán; its history, its people and its textiles. The Creation of this type of exhibition proposed a guideline regarding art and culture as a social transformer.


Javier Marín, a plastic artist originally from Michoacán, being sensitive in 2017 to the social circumstances that “walled off” his native state, decided to create from the Javier Marín Foundation, a Cultural center in the Spinning and Weaving Factory of San Pedro on the banks of the Cupatitzio River in Uruapan. This, with the objective that this site would become a place that could promote the improvement of the quality of life of the communities of Michoacan through knowledge and creativity in art, design and food culture.


From this, Javier Marín together with curator Ana Elena Mallet were inspired by the legacy that lay in the factory and decided to convene contemporary fashion designers to participate in this exhibition. The objective of each of the designers and the exhibition was to present three complete silhouttes (test garments in the fashion world) in raw blanket that evoke the cotton cambaya, traditional material of the Purepecha plateau; at the same time, that reflect a white canvas referencing the new opportunities that this Cultural Center provides to the people and their environment.

Ninth Gala of the Museo de Arte de Querétaro (MAQRO)

The Museo de Arte de Querétaro (MAQRO) celebrated its ninth gala on Friday, October 13, in benefit of the museum and artistic convergence. This prestigious gala, considered by Queretaro society as one of the most important artistic events in the cultural sphere, brought together collectors, as well as a select group of artists, for a common element: the veneration for art. On this occasion, wooden pillars intervened by artists Adriana Luna, Alejandro Vázquez, Amador Montes, David Maya, Filippo Giusti, Ignacio de Jesús Chávez, James Harvey, Jonatán Olvera, Luis Sánchez, Lucas Rise, Manuel Lomelí, Raúl Campos, Román Miranda, Tania Quezada, Thibault Barrère and Victor López were auctioned. These art pillars were selected as the centerpiece of the auction due to their origin, since they were part of a spool of nylon thread in an old textile factory, making them a unique and beautiful element that, through different artistic perspectives, acquired memories that interweave the past with the present. The MAQRO was filled with life this night, as artists and art lovers enjoyed an evening with great artistic, musical, dance and even culinary richness.

Into Barre Wellness Studio Jurica

On Sunday October 22nd, the Into Barre Wellness Studio Jurica team celebrated its pre-opening event at Hacienda El Salitre. This event was full of a dynamic and fun energy because it had a program that had exceptional participations that delighted all the lovers of the fitness & healthy world. The pre-opening began with the participation of Marimar Torre, hypopressive coach, followed by a brunch by Marci Camelia and Capricho Sin Culpa. This was followed by a Barre class led by Andrea Matabuena and Paulina Aguilar, who will be the main coaches of Into Barre Jurica. Finally, a space was opened in which Qi Beauty Bar shared the importance of facial care. An event in which there was the opportunity to experience the benefits of this wellness method accompanied by the founder of Into Barre, Mariana Fernández, as well as sponsors such as: Lululemon, Moora Healthy Bar, Today Magazine, Kaiwell, Ehya, Unity Fisioterapia y Entrenamiento, Fitology Active Wear, Light & Love Candles, among others.

Fiscal impact 2024 on investments by Grupo Inmtec

On Wednesday, October 25, Inmtec Group held at Hotel Hacienda Jurica an event focused on the fiscal impact of the year 2024 on investments. This meeting counted with the outstanding participation of Face Financial Advisor, supported by GBM as an affiliated advisor. This event gathered an audience interested in understanding in depth the fiscal implications that will influence next year’s investments, offering perspectives and strategic guidance from recognized experts in the financial field.

75th Anniversary Porsche

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the luxury automotive brand Porsche and the eighth anniversary of the Bruno Cucina restaurant, an exclusive event that fused elegance and culinary excellence was held. In this exciting encounter, car lovers and of course, gastronomic excellence, were delighted with a unique gourmet experience. The latest generation Porsche vehicles adorned the exterior of the restaurant, creating an exclusive setting. Inside, diners were provided with a special menu created by the chefs in charge of Bruno Cucina, which combined sophisticated flavors with a passion for innovation, all in perfect harmony with the Porsche legacy. It was an unforgettable evening where elegance and passion came together to commemorate the brilliant legacy that these brands have forged.

Container Door Art Festival

On Wednesday, November 22nd, the exhibition “Container Door Art Festival” was inaugurated at Plaza Alamos Lifestyle Center, a celebration held by KIVA where contemporary creativity was highlighted. The event was a visually stunning experience with the participation of renowned artists such as Meme Navdu, Gashaan Basil, among others; in addition to being an exhibition with a diversity of works such as “Transatlantic” by Manuel Guardado to “Mr. Rhino” by Jacob Flores Carrillo.


In this event, the architect Taufic Gashaan, creator of the exhibition, shared his vision with the guests; while José Luis Cadena Gonzáles, director of KIVA del Bajío, gave a few words. Definitely an inauguration that exalted artistic creativity, contemporaneity and the taste for culture through art in its visual form.


The exhibition is open to the public from November 22, 2023 until mid-January 2024, with exhibition hours from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

You can’t miss it!

Hecho In Querétaro

On November 29, the Municipal President of Querétaro, Luis Nava, introduced the presentation of the “Hecho En Querétaro” badge, which, with the initiative of Councilor Carlos Habacuc Uvalle, promotes the commercialization of local products of all kinds to generate employment and economic benefits. In this case, 11 high-quality regional products will be implemented in 30 establishments of the OXXO chain. This collaboration not only promotes and motivates the development of local producers, but also contributes to the positioning of the State as a reference in support of citizens and commerce.