Explore the Nail Trends That Will Elevate Your Style to Another Level

In this year you can’t miss a nail design on point to highlight your personal style. This season we will find trends that propose all kinds of designs, some bold finishes to more cute and classic designs; which become options to experience endless styles. If you are looking for inspiration to be an it girl, this article will be your best ally.

Metallic nails

Metallic colors will be a constant, either in acrylic or gelish, with short or long nails; it is expected that these colors will be applied with magnetic enamel techniques to give a plus to this finish and thus generate different designs through this tool. Silver, gold or even iridescent colors will dominate in 2024.

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Short and “natural” nails

A practical trend that proposes a neat look. This type of short and natural nails is distinguished by the use of a transparent nail polish or even an opaque pink color. The key to this style is that the more ethereal and “clean” the look, the more elegance it reflects. In short, a very good option for those women who are looking for a low-maintenance look, but at the same time want to feel beautiful.

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Blue nails

The bright and saturated blue color will be one of the best accessories to look elegant this year, a bold and vibrant color that will be the favorite on the catwalks for evening attire and occasions that deserve an “extra”. However, this color, together with the neatness of bringing them short and square, make it the best option to convey strength and style.

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Jeweled nails

If you like flashy, nails with rhinestones, crystals or jeweled appliqués are for you. This type of decoration and manicure design will be in trend, and the best thing about it is that it can be adjusted to your preferences and needs. That is to say, you can choose certain stones for some areas of the nail or cover them completely; you can also choose to bring them very short or long. Creativity is the limit when it comes to this type of design.

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Renewed French nails

This is a type of nails that never goes out of fashion, being a safe option and making these look groomed at all times. However, in this 2024 the classic French finish is going away and a more fun type of French is welcomed. The new french will be inverted, half moon, double or misaligned, among some of the options that we will see the most recognized artists and models of the moment using. Don’t stay behind and decide which type is your favorite!

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