Your voice belongs to you

By: Adriana Palafox

Now that I have the opportunity to write for you, dear readers, I want to share a part of myself, my personal and professional journey, with a focus on entrepreneurship and resilience. I would like to do it in the best way possible and transmit the message that has radically transformed my perspective on life: never give up, even on the difficulties, there is always a way forward to continue.

In late March 2020, as you well know, the pandemic arrived to shake the whole world and raise many questions. Each of us went through our own process of adaptation and introspection. Some handled it well, others not so much, and some simply faced difficulties. 

In my case, things went relatively well, considering that I am an outsider in Querétaro, a city that has provided me with the opportunity to grow for over 10 years. Here, I started my studies in marketing and began developing professionally. During the lockdown, I had just started a new job where, within a week, my initial salary was reduced by 70%. On top of that, I was trying to become fully independent of my parents. And yes, it was a significant challenge for me to face economic instability and find a way to survive.

One of the most important things I discovered in this situation was learning to know myself again, as if at 25 I was discovering my own personality, talents, opportunities, and so on. I started asking myself questions: What do I really want? Where do I want to invest my energy, time, and creativity? I realized that the first thing I needed to do was survive and deeply learn about my role in sales within the company, demonstrating my abilities.

I met that challenge, which helped me a lot in thinking about what was next for me. I clearly felt the need to regain my energy, motivate myself, and gain clarity about my life’s purpose. During that moment of introspection, I remembered the little girl inside me who loved to dance without caring about others’ opinions. I was always brave and taught myself using different platforms. 

Remembering that feeling, something whispered to me, ‘Try it again.’ Why not? I had the time, energy, and passion to feel that way again. Now, after more than three years, I can say that situation was a personal challenge that changed my life. I became the Sales Director of the company I was working for and started my own dance brand with my partner, whom I deeply admire. Together, we have turned our passion into a brand that empowers many women through dance, encouraging them to trust themselves and listen to their inner voice. You can do it too!

Furthermore, I believe it’s important to be surrounded by a family that always pushes you to achieve your goals and continue growing on the journey because having a great team makes it much easier to reach the destination. With this, I want to convey the importance of believing in oneself and trusting one’s own potential. You must know that everything is possible to achieve. Remember that the dreams we have already existed and are ours to attain, so believe it and have confidence in your potential.

During my personal journey, I learned that adversity can become an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and discover our deepest strengths. That’s why I invite you to embrace your inner power and face obstacles with courage. Believe in yourself and keep the flame of determination alive, using each experience as a springboard towards your boldest goals and dreams.

Go ahead, the power is in your hands!