Why do you need to have insurance?

Every person seeks safety and protection in their life, and having insurance can be an element of providing it. First, you may ask yourself, what is insurance, and how does it work? Insurance is a financial tool that you contract (a policy) for a certain amount of money (sum assured) to cover the damage or repair of material possessions such as a house, car, or even a business, but also for intangible things such as health or life. Having insurance is a form of protection against unforeseen events.

But why is it important to acquire one?

It’s better to prevent and secure your family and patrimony

It’s always a relief to have insurance, even if you don’t have the necessity of using it, rather than not having any backup at all—for your family and even for your belongings. Acquiring insurance helps you protect your finances from very big debts that could compromise your welfare and even your savings from unexpected events. For example, a health insurance policy covers your medical expenses, while a car insurance policy protects it in case of robbery or damage.

It gives you tranquility and confidence

Life is full of risks and unpredictable events, but when you have insurance, you have a feeling of trust; if something happens, your personal life will not turn upside down because you have a policy that protects you. Insurance can keep your state of mind at peace, so you can enjoy life more and accomplish your short- and long-term plans.

It’s a guarantee for your financial life

With insurance, even if a surprising event happens, no matter the sphere, the impact could be minor, and your wallet would be safe. That will bring you economic stability so you can maintain a certain amount of income and even allow you to have the habit of saving for your personal needs, dreams, etcetera. Having insurance isn’t created to mess with your stability; on the contrary, it’s created to help you!

So what are you waiting for? Compromise with your welfare. 


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