Top tips for using AI

1. Give yourself a chance to get to know it

Artificial Intelligence is an innovative field. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how it works to get the most out of it, this is achieved through knowing the limitations and strengths of it by asking questions about what topics it could generate content, what are the tasks it performs best and what elements are key to optimally respond to instructions. 

2. Contextualize and be precise

When consulting with Artificial Intelligence we are tempted to not be as detailed in the instructions we give it and that therefore results in ambiguous content. To avoid this, it is essential to provide requirements and provide a detailed context of what you are looking for with this tool; highlighting the wording of relevant information as well as background and even determining the tone and style you are looking for.

3. Use models and prompts

Most AI uses a knowledge system based on modeling and repetition so that it works better over time. This means that the more you propose a model based on as much data as possible, considering references and structures to which it must respond, the more enriching the results will be. In other words, structuring good prompts and using structures repeatedly with AI is key when using it.

4. Don’t settle for the first result

When it comes to AI, it is necessary to consider that the results must be perfected because the first answers will not be the best. Therefore, the best thing to do is to ask as many times as necessary to modify the proposal and make adjustments and improvements in the prompts until you get an answer close to what is expected.

5. Add human creativity

Take the material that the AI has provided you to add changes and corrections because human creativity must be a factor that enriches the answers that this tool has provided you. Do not take what the AI gives you as absolute, on the contrary, use it as inspiration to make processes more efficient and contribute to improve your productivity.