Classy scents: the best candles for decorating your home

Increasingly, home decorating ideas and trends focus on the small details that make a place aesthetic, comfortable and in which there is a homey atmosphere. Therefore, scented candles are the ideal element because they bring personality to your home through a particular smell that expresses cleanliness and elegance at the same time have innovative designs, and not only that, but it is scientifically proven that with the right scents we can modulate our mood. This means that by choosing a scent of your preference and putting it in your favorite place, you will have a feeling of happiness and peace.

Cinderose by Boy Smells

This young and recognized brand in Los Angeles offers scents that have become the it of the moment for their originality and elegant bottles. If you like scents with presence and intensity, and that undoubtedly make your guests remember your home, this option is for you.  This fragrance with a black glass cup, combines feminine and masculine with its composition of rose, tuberose, moss and tobacco notes. A candle that will surely exceed your expectations.

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Lime Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone

If you are looking for a “handmade” brand whose process is rigorous and aligned with the quality of its already recognized fragrances, Jo Malone is the one. This iconic brand is distinguished by the uniqueness of its commonly imposing scents that are pure luxury encapsulated in a candle. This time we recommend one of their bestsellers, Lime Basil & Mandarin is a citrus and cozy scent that is characterized by notes of basil and white thyme with lime. The best thing about it is not only a glass tumbler that is ad hoc to a minimalist interior design but the duration of up to 18 hours.

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Encens 9 by Le Labo

This scented candle from the New York niche fragrance brand is characterized by having a very careful process and a strong conceptual background behind it, being believers that the future of luxury is in the crafty these candles are made with a large dose of aromatic oils, a custom blend of waxes and wicks made with natural fibers. Encens 9 by Le Labo has in its main component incense, amber notes and a spicy touch extracted from cloves. This scent provides a sense of calm and comfort in the home.

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Baies by Diptyque 

The Parisian mansion of fragrances has a lot to offer when it comes to scents and design in scented candles, being one of the favorites of those who love interior design. But that is not its only attribute but of course its scents. One of its most recognized proposals is Baies, which is a candle of blackcurrant berries and floral touches perfect for those who like perfumed and that which emulates nature.

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