Series that will keep you ‘on the edge of your seat’

Surely it has happened to you that, when you sit comfortably at home to watch a series, you find yourself with so many options in the catalogs of the different streaming platforms that you don’t know which ones are really worth it. And sometimes you even end up turning off the TV.

We don’t want that to happen to you, so if you’re looking for recommendations that are an experience full of emotions and that above all will make you a fan of them to the point that you can’t stop watching them, these options won’t disappoint you.


Genre: Comedy drama

Seasons: 4

A series that portrays the life of a multi-millionaire family that owns one of the most important media and entertainment companies in the world, while they seem to have everything secured and a full life; the constant pressure to make the empire grow brings to light the imperfection of their family ties and exhibits the most questionable sides of their personality.

Available on: HBO MAX

Source: IMdb

The Last Of Us

Genre: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Post-apocalyptic Future

Seasons: 1

A man and a girl find themselves on a journey full of uncertainty, this one demonstrating the harshness of a modern civilization destroyed by a pandemic that wiped out everything they knew. A mission and motivations of each unite them to survive and fight against the adversities that confront them.

Available on: HBO MAX

Source: IMdb


Genre: Science Fiction, Drama and Mystery

Seasons: 3

A story set in a contemporary fictional town in Germany explores the disappearance of two children. These disappearances unleash secrets and situations from the past of four families that seem to be connected and influenced by supernatural elements.

Available on: Netflix

Source: IMdb

This Is Us

Genre: Comedy drama

Seasons: 6

An endearing story that portrays the complexity of life with its joys and difficulties through the experience of a Pittsburgh couple and their triplets, and from which, a myriad of situations and experiences unfold that reflect the experiences of human beings throughout their lives.

Available on: Prime Video & Star Plus

Source: IMdb