Industries to invest in Mexico

Mexico is a country known for attracting foreign direct investment, and it’s no coincidence that, according to the World Investment Report 2022, it is ranked number 10 as a recipient country for this type of investment. Its attractiveness lies in the possibilities offered by its favorable location in correspondence with the headquarters of foreign organizations, labor costs and even the return on investment, which can be very favorable.

Therefore, it’s essential to know which industries are currently worth investing in, both as a foreign and local entrepreneur, if you want your money to be safe and profitable.

  1. Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry, which is dedicated to transforming raw materials into more complex products that can be consumed and distributed locally and abroad, is one of the strongest industries in the central part of the country due to its profitability. The fastest-growing businesses are those dedicated to the modification of iron and steel pipes, as well as synthetic rubber. However, there is also a great possibility of investing in technological projects for this industry to continue growing and innovating the processes that are currently used.

  1. Automotive Industry

Mexico is one of the largest exporting economies and within this field, the automotive industry stands out. Nowadays, you have the opportunity to invest either by buying shares in automotive companies if you have a high capital, or if your capital is not so high, you can get involved in some small organizations that are linked to this field, such as a spare parts (raw material) trader, to mention an example. This industry has a high margin of growth and the opportunity to get involved in it is now.

  1. Tourism Industry

The country is distinguished by its extensive cultural, gastronomic and destination richness, which is why this industry is one of the ones with the highest economic growth. Currently, as in previous years, there is a wide range of investment possibilities within this industry that can range from investing in stocks or funds related to this field or even investing in properties that can be used for vacation rentals. There are an infinite number of possibilities and destinations on which to bet.