The business of the 21st century

By: Diana Pau González

In the information age, working for 40 years, 40 hours a week and waiting for retirement is no longer enough or attractive.

Robert Kiyosaki and other great entrepreneurs affirm that one of the booming businesses of the 21st century is network marketing, a business that is based more on communication, leadership and skills to build teams or networks of people to take advantage of the leverage of hundreds of people to distribute a product. This business does not require a college education or a large investment to build an income that generates hundreds or thousands of dollars a month.

Numerous people have a misconception of how this business really works due to various factors, including: 

It may be pseudo-companies, a very old concept of traditional catalog sales, or simply a friend or family member who did not have good results due to a lack of information. As in any industry, there are ethical and unethical companies and people.

For those of us who have started in an ethical company with a team of integrity, this model turns out to be what millions of young people are looking for; however, the lack of entrepreneurial education in schools keeps young people blind to these opportunities. 

Millions of young professionals are unfortunately unemployed; the few who have a job do not practice what they studied, and of those who do, most are poorly paid. The most serious issue is not the economic issue, but that many of them do not feel fulfilled.

My advice is to always be willing to learn because the answer can be where you least expect it; that was my case. Network marketing ended up being what I was looking for, even though for a long time I was in denial. 

“The mind is like a parachute; it only works if it opens.” – Albert Einstein 

Diana Pau Gonzalez 

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