Airbnb experiences you must try

By: Rodrigo Alegría

Airbnb’s platforms have completely transformed the way we experience the world. More and more homeowners in tourist areas are offering their properties, providing unique spaces that highlight natural elements or architectural characteristics.

You can find everything from simple accommodations to unimaginable places to vacation at a reasonable cost, or even at prices comparable to the most exclusive resorts. But what if these Airbnb destinations have even more to offer?

In 2017, Airbnb decided to go beyond and provide owners and tourists with distinctive experiences that complement their stay. These unforgettable activities are organized by locals and experts in various fields, such as guided photography tours in the city center, wine and spirits tastings, cacao ceremonies, hidden beaches, and more.

Although Airbnb Experiences may not be as popular, they present an opportunity for tour operators to boost the local economy. For curious individuals seeking something new to do, becoming tourists in their own city for a weekend, these experiences offer a unique way to entertain themselves and connect with the world.

Now, let’s provide you with a list of the top 3 Airbnb Experiences you can enjoy in Querétaro and San Miguel de Allende, encouraging you to discover your city from a different perspective.

In Querétaro

“Discover the Secrets of Querétaro’s Historic Center”

Price: Starting at $450 pesos per person

Includes: 1 bottle of water

Duration: 3 hours

If you live in Querétaro and have been to the city center, you’ve surely admired the beautiful houses and alleyways, wondering what lies behind each corner. This experience ensures that you not only explore recommended spots for food and drinks but also learn the secrets held by these places.

“Taco Tour and More”

Price: $1,353 pesos per person

Includes: Visits to 5 or 6 food spots and a tequila tasting at a cantina

Duration: 2 hours

Newcomers to Querétaro often feel disappointed with the local cuisine. Locals argue that they may be visiting the wrong places. This experience guarantees a visit to 6 iconic spots in the Historic Center, where dining becomes an exceptional pleasure. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and experience the kitchens of renowned establishments, guided by the host.

“Beer Tasting with a Master Brewer”

Price: $600 pesos per person

Includes: A sample of 4 beers and an introduction to craft beer

Duration: 2 hours

Querétaro has a rich culture in the craft beer industry, with brands like Cerveza Toro, Hércules, and Cuatro Palos standing out for their quality. If you enjoy an occasional beer, this experience is a great way to discover the intricacies of beer production.

In San Miguel de Allende

“Journey to Mexico’s Past”

Price: $1,920 pesos per person

Includes: Guided tour by Dr. Rossana Quiroz, who was part of the excavation team at the ruins

Duration: 4 hours

Unless you’re a true local, you might not know that just minutes away from the city are pre-Hispanic ruins. This tour ensures an enriching experience, guided by someone directly involved in the archaeological excavation.

“Wine and Mezcal Tasting with a Producer”

Price: $1,800 pesos per person

Includes: Over 20 distilled and fermented beverages, sweet and savory appetizer tastings, and access to the producer Marcelo’s vinyl collection

Duration: 2 hours

San Miguel de Allende is increasingly establishing itself as a wine and mezcal destination. More and more producers are making their mark in the industry. This experience guarantees an immersive encounter with the creative process behind these fermented and distilled beverages, guided by their creator.

“Traditional Temazcal in San Miguel”

Price: $1,300 pesos per person

Includes: Traditional temazcal experience at the house of a traditional healer

Duration: 2.5 hours

Immerse yourself in spirituality with this experience outside the city, hosted at the house of a traditional healer who will guide you on an introspective journey. It’s a unique experience that can provide the relaxation you’re seeking.

These Airbnb Experiences offer a fresh perspective for exploring Querétaro and San Miguel de Allende, allowing you to uncover hidden gems and engage in activities that connect you with the local culture in a meaningful way.