Lorenia Unger: The artistic evolution and the reflection of self-love in San Miguel de Allende

By: Rodrigo Alegría // Photos: Jorge Montes and archive Lorenia Unger

Artist Lorenia Unger discovered her passion for art at the age of 12, and since then, she has cultivated her talent, combining her skill with mathematics and the technique she acquired as an artist. Although she initially didn’t consider studying architecture, upon the suggestion of a family member, she decided to make that choice and enrolled at the University of the Valley of Mexico (UVM) in Hermosillo, Sonora.

Despite dedicating herself more to painting than to what she studied, Lorenia has developed an artistic sensibility that has shaped her career. At the age of 28, she decided to move to San Miguel de Allende after falling in love with the city, recognized as one of the best places to live internationally.

Initially, she worked as an architect at Hotel Albor, where she served as a project coordinator and oversaw budgets. However, her artistic spirit was always present. When the time came to select artworks for the hotel, Lorenia presented proposals based on the design of the place, which includes crescents in its graphic design. Without revealing her creations to avoid bias, her pieces were selected and are now exhibited in the establishment, totaling 112 works.

With the income generated from the sales of these paintings, Lorenia managed to establish herself in San Miguel de Allende. She opened a dress rental store and continued working on artistic commissions, solidifying her position as an artist.

Recently, Lorenia has found mirrors to be a discursive platform for self-expression, using various materials she finds on the street or in other spaces. Since arriving at this destination, she has experienced constant artistic evolution, discovering infinite techniques and knowledge through contact with other artists and the influence of curator Alejandro Rodríguez.