Apps that every movie and series binge-watcher should have

If one of your hobbies is spending long hours in front of the TV watching your favorite movies or series while eating the snacks you like, the time has come to become an expert in movies and streaming series!. Nowadays, there are apps that can help you deepen this hobby and, above all, provide you with extraordinary value.

Because of this, we made a selection of the ‘best of the best’ and chose the top 3 free apps that you need to download immediately.

IMDb: Internet Movie Data Base

IMDb is one of the biggest databases about movies and series. This app provides a wide range of information about the cast, production dates, crew, reviews, a summary plot, and also details about cinema and series premieres. Additionally, it’s an app in which you can find news related to this world.

Available on Android and iOS.


Letterboxd is an app that gives you the freedom to share your opinion about movies. It’s a place for every pop culture lover who has an interior critic. On this app, besides having a list of all the movies you see, you can rate them, make reviews or critics, and create lists of those that you consider worth sharing. An app that represents community for all movie fans.

Available on Android and IOS.


JustWatch is an app you must have in the streaming era. It allows you to know which movies and series from subscription platforms such as Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video, and HBO MAX, among others, are available in your region. With that tool, as a series and movie geek, you will save time looking for them in the catalogs of those streaming services. A plus is that JustWatch has a news section that shows the most recent additions to the different platforms so that you don’t miss any premieres.

Available on Android and iOS.