Best Makeup Brands 2023

Nowadays, there are so many makeup brands on the market that it’s hard to identify which ones are the most infallible, talking about their composition and quality. That’s why we did some research and narrowed the options for you to the 4 best makeup brands (classic and newbies) that you need to have in your makeup bag! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Founded in 1997 by Anastasia Soare, a respected beauty guru who has used her magic on personalities like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez and even Michelle Obama, is known for being the mastermind behind the best brow product line: the Brow Wiz. This line stands out for its range of shades and the long-wearing and natural finish on the brows. Even though this brand is the brow queen in the beauty world, it also offers foundations, concealers, lip products, and eyeshadow palettes (obviously cruelty-free) that are the perfect choice for a flawless look.

Charlotte Tilbury

Created by the British makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, it makes a statement in the beauty world by creating long-wearing products such as highlighters, blushes, and even contour kits that enhance the natural beauty of each woman, giving them the perfect glow and sense of glamour. This is possible because each of these are made with precise formulas that include most of them skincare ingredients. They´re the best choice for a healthy and glowy makeup look.

Fenty Beauty

Rihanna’s beauty brand has made a big impact in the industry because of how neat and thoughtful her products are. Fenty offers lip products, blushes, highlighters, contours, but above all, the ‘ jewel’ of the brand is the foundation line, available in 40 shades. This brand has set a standard in the beauty sphere for inclusivity and innovation in the formula and packaging of its products, providing values of empowerment and uniqueness in each line it launches.

Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez did it in the cosmetic industry by formulating products that are vegan, dermatologist-tested, and easy-to-use, ensuring quality. Rare Beauty provides products that are focused on being inclusive, launching multiple shades in foundations, but also by launching cosmetics that want to portray natural beauty. That’s why they have a variety of blushes, lip tints, luminizers, mascara, and others. This brand is an excellent option for your daily makeup routine; it keeps it trendy and its pocket-friendly!