Best podcasts to listen on Spotify

Whether you’re on your way to work, cooking, or even just taking a moment for yourself in the comfort of your home, listening to a podcast will always be a good choice. What’s best is that these days you can listen to them wherever and whenever; that’s why we give you some recommendations that you will surely love!

  1. Sinergéticos

Jorge Serrato´s podcast. In this format, the entrepreneur and speaker about business and branding invites figures of Mexican society that have meaningful stories to tell about the business world and their personal journey in life. If you want to know different perspectives on life and want the possibility of growing as a person with this tool, this is the podcast you need to rely on.

  1. Se Regalan Dudas

Created by two women who are experts in the photography, marketing, and communication spheres, but who are also passionate about bringing complex themes to the table. On this podcast, the hosts talk about themes such as emotions, relationships, and self-esteem, which can be hard to understand or talk about. They bring the conversation to a deep level in a very human way in order to be clear and provide fresh and educational answers to the big questions.

  1. Martha Debayle

On this podcast, the broadcaster and businesswoman talks about everything you could be interested in! A lifestyle podcast that talks about wealth, psychology, love, and even parenting. In each conversation, Martha reformulates the topics or is accompanied by specialists in the matters they discuss. It’s definitely a dynamic and original podcast for curious people.

  1. Caso 63

A fictional podcast that tells the story of the psychiatrist Elisa Aldunate who records every session with her patient, Caso 63, a man who assures he is a time traveler. Storytelling that resides in the past and the present, two people that seem to have the future of humanity in their hands, and one podcast that will blow your mind!