Building bridges between cultures  

By: Rodrigo Alegría

The foreign communities that have chosen to settle in Querétaro come from various corners of the world, including the United States, Canada, France, Germany, China, Venezuela, among many others. These communities bring an invaluable cultural richness, with their traditions, languages and customs, creating a diverse and vibrant mosaic that enriches the daily lives of all the inhabitants of the state.

Fifteen years ago, an event was initiated in the state of Querétaro with the purpose of promoting the integration of foreign cultures through a festival, giving an outstanding value to the foreign community residing in Mexico. Today, the Querétaro Foreign Communities Festival has become a showcase where we can experience a little piece of the world through gastronomy, shows, fashion and diverse cultures in our own state.

Among the aspects that most attract foreigners who come to live in Mexico are the gastronomy, the climate and, above all, its people, who position our country as a relevant example. The hospitality and warmth with which the people of Querétaro receive foreigners has been key to the success in the integration of communities. Their open and welcoming attitude has allowed foreigners to feel welcome and valued, facilitating their adaptation and active participation in local life.

These communities represent a true cultural and social treasure, enriching the lives of all who reside here, promoting diversity, exchange and mutual understanding. It’s essential to continue fostering integration and respect for these communities, recognizing the value they bring to Querétaro.

More and more foreigners are finding a home in Mexico, and the authorities are now committed to facilitating their relocation process. If you are interested in learning more about how to carry out your legalization process, we recommend you