Discover your next literary adventure: book recommendations for all tastes

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of reading and discover your next literary adventure with a variety of book recommendations covering different genres and themes. From gripping stories to profound reflections, we invite you to explore new pages that’ll transport you to unknown places and awaken your emotions. 

Are you ready for an unforgettable literary experience?

Happy Place – Emily Henry 

Harriet and Wyn, once the perfect couple, are now facing a breakup that they have kept secret for five months. Despite that, they find themselves rooming together in the Maine cottage with their group of friends. With the house for sale and it being their last week together there, they decide to pretend they are fine so as not to break the hearts of their friends. Harriet acts as the impulsive surgical resident, while Wyn portrays the laid-back charmer. Although the plan seems perfect, will they be able to keep up appearances in front of those who know them best after years of being in love?

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Knife Drop – Nick DiGiovanni 

In his first cookbook, “Knife Drop,” Nick DiGiovanni invites you to set aside the rules and cook with confidence. With accessible and delicious recipes, Nick gives you the tools you need to overcome fear in the kitchen and create amazing dishes. He also offers expert advice and links to video tutorials to improve your cooking skills. Enjoy uncomplicated cooking and unleash your creativity with Knife Drop

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Atomic Habits – James Clear

James Clear presents a framework of practical strategies backed by biology, psychology and neuroscience for forming good habits and breaking bad ones. This book offers us a proven system for change, helping you design your environment, overcome lack of motivation, and get back on track when you get off. Through true stories, you’ll learn how to master the small habits that lead to success. “Atomic Habits” will help you change the way you think about progress and provide you with the tools to transform your habits and achieve your goals.

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1984 – George Orwell

Set in 1984, in an English society controlled by a bureaucratic system of collectivism under the rule of Big Brother, Winston Smith, a brave man, will challenge the control, manipulation and authoritarianism present. As an employee of the Ministry of Truth, his task is to rewrite history so that it always conforms to the interests and predictions of the bureaucratic system, as well as to erase from the records of the troublesome people. As he rebels against the establishment, Winston keeps a diary where he writes his doubts, thoughts and feelings of what he is living.

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The World: A Brief Introduction – Richards Haass

In his invaluable handbook, Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haas offers guidance on how to navigate a globalized world full of challenges. Highlighting the interconnectedness between international events and our daily lives, Haas shows us how what happens beyond our borders can have a significant impact on us. Focusing on history, world regions, globalization challenges and influential ideas, this book provides you with the knowledge you need to understand this complex interconnected world.

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