How to make your business sustainable?

Starting a business requires much more than having the necessary resources to operate, it is to establish a solid philosophy and culture that responds to current needs and trends, such as sustainability and environmental care. Taking these elements into account, here are some points that will make your business more sustainable.

Measure your resource needs and identify suppliers

One of the elements to which you should pay more attention when starting a business, and being aware of the importance of sustainability, are raw materials and resources. This is because it is essential to identify the ecological options and in turn what resources can be dispensed with, so that the operation is not affected and is efficient.

At the same time, it is important to consider that suppliers are associated with the values that are aligned with the venture, i.e., that they work taking into account socio-environmental care standards and thus a network of local suppliers can be generated to promote the circular economy. All this finding a balance between responsible suppliers and competitive prices.

Digitize processes

If you are looking to facilitate processes and at the same time contribute to the reduction of waste in your operation, digitizing each of them is an option worth considering. One of the most important benefits is to have information, files and projects stored in the cloud; it is not the only one, but it also avoids the use of material such as paper that will most likely end up being discarded and contribute to a consumption that is not responsible.

Control energy consumption

Actions such as turning off the lights after using a meeting room or work space, disconnecting computer equipment when not in use, reducing the use of air conditioning are practices that help you to be aware of the amount of energy you actually use in your business or enterprise and of those habits that you can implement to control your consumption. In addition, these practices encourage your employees to acquire an environmental culture.

Integrate ecological products

If your business requires packaging and shipping of your products, it is an opportunity to consider materials that are biodegradable and recyclable. At the same time, if you are looking to transform your culture, using ecological products internally for day-to-day use, such as replacing single-use containers with reusable ones, can be a good start.

Manage waste

It may sound repetitive and very well known, but many times any operation within an enterprise generates waste. Therefore, not leaving aside the 3Rs can be a generator of change and best practices, starting by Reducing the amount of waste generated, Reuse such waste and if it is not possible any of the two previous ones Recycle.