Look radiant this 2024: Discover the haircuts in trend

The new year brings with it new resolutions and of course, new beauty trends, such as haircuts. The list of haircuts for the coming seasons goes back to basics as it favors natural hair with an authentic texture. You can’t miss the trends proposed on the runway for 2024 if you want to wear the hair of envy that models of iconic brands like Chanel and Versace are using.

Pixie cut

A practical and sensual cut that is highlighted by short locks at the back of the neck and almost flush with the scalp. The fun thing about this cut is that it can be as versatile as you want it to be since it can be worn with a fringe giving it a rebellious and youthful character or even a baby pixie with a very short and blunt fringe that seeks to convey the classic and sweet. 

Source: Pinterest

Shag cut

Inspired by the seventies, it is shorter than ever. This very obvious layered cut that achieves a lifting effect and degraded in the hair, provides a rejuvenating look, besides being perfect for those who have fine hair and are looking for volume. With a bushy fringe for both straight and wavy hair, it is ideal for a comfortable and fashionable look.

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Layered bob haircut

It is the one that in its most classic version leaves the hair straight at the level of the jaw; however, over time this cut has been adapted to the different tastes of women making the bob hair with layered degrafting arise. This type of haircut will be one of the most used this year, however, it will require visits to the esthetician to keep it in shape.

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Midi cut with layers

This cut that is neither too short nor too long prioritizes the naturalness of the hair which makes it ideal for wavy hair that controls frizz. This is because it gives the sensation through the well marked layers a little bit of length care in conjunction with a natural texture and gives a fresh touch and to some extent elegant.

Source: Pinterest