Minimalist Christmas Decorations

“Less is more”. We have heard this phrase on several occasions and it is associated with a minimalist style because it is a style that is currently trending and is characterized by having a discreet and modern decor that does not abuse the ornaments. This holiday season, we all want our space to look with a modern decoration, here we bring you the best ways to decorate this Christmas 2023:

  • Keep it simple: Neutral colors are an elemental feature of the minimalist trend. Therefore, we recommend that the chromatic base of your decorations be a neutral color like white and add light touches of another color such as silver. On the contrary, if you want to use a color that is not neutral, we recommend that you avoid using very vibrant colors, in addition to trying to use monochromatic ornaments in that case so that there is much more balance and the simplistic aesthetic is preserved.
  • Say goodbye to the traditional pine tree: Do you dare to change the rules of Christmas decoration? Opt for lightness and originality with trees that defy convention: bare branches, pine trees made with strings and lights. Even for lovers of the classic you can give it a twist by putting a few ornaments and let the lights and a dazzling star be the perfect complement.
  • Details that make a difference: Celebrate the magic of small and make every corner count. Minimalist style suggests understated yet impactful embellishments: red flowers, tiny snowflakes and more. Maintain elegance by controlling size and volume; avoid at all costs those ornaments that overwhelm and steal space – make your décor speak of your unique and captivating style!