Safeguarding your transactions with Inmtec Escrow Services

Addy Ana Montoya – National Director Inmtec Escrow Services

With more than 24 years of experience in the field of multiple legal services, Grupo Inmtec introduces Inmtec Escrow Services, standing out as the first Mexican company authorized and legally constituted to provide this service.

The idea of offering this new service was born from the vision of Mr. Ángel Marín Díaz, CEO of Grupo Inmtec, with the objective of providing security to the parties involved in national or international transactions.

The Escrow service is a conditional merchant deposit account, with Grupo Inmtec acting as a reliable intermediary between the parties involved. In this process, clients deposit the agreed amount of the transaction in this account, whether for real estate, industrial, stock purchase and sale, technology, among others. Escrow safeguards the amount and disburses the funds according to the previously established agreements, depending on the type of transaction, providing security and certainty to both the buyer and seller.

Communication between buyer and seller is managed externally, for example, with real estate agents (in the case of real estate sales and purchases) and closing agents, who will be involved throughout the process, taking care of all communication, contracts and agreements, among other necessary requirements. Once the service is sold, Inmtec Escrow Services follows up and opens an individualized account, a unique differentiator they offer since each transaction has an exclusive file. This contributes to the quality and excellence provided for each transaction.

An example of this process is the acquisition of real estate. In this case, an Escrow contract is drawn up, where the services offered are detailed and attachments are provided to support the purchase offer, as well as all the payment instructions for the release of funds.

Another advantage of Inmtec Escrow Services is that the service adapts to the specific needs of each client, whether the transaction is short-term or long-term, and can even be used in cases of leasing, providing comprehensive solutions that are part of its value proposition.

Being a new service in the country, another of its differentiators lies in its competitive rates, which have a specific tabulator and capped proportionally to the type of transaction. Additionally, to reinforce its offer in the real estate sector, Grupo Inmtec offers Title Insurance services, a property title insurance that provides coverage for two years, and the Hidden Defects Policy, which provides coverage for three years.

Therefore, if you are looking for legal certainty in your buying and selling operations, Inmtec Escrow Services is the key to your secure transactions.