On Wednesday, February 14, the new experience center, THE HUB of the developer Mira, located in Centro Sur Querétaro, was inaugurated. The event was attended by the Governor of the State of Querétaro, Mauricio Kuri, the Mayor of Querétaro, Luis Nava, sports journalist and businesswoman Inés Sainz, representing the tenants of the establishment, as well as the directors of the developer Roberto Pulido and Carlos Asali. 

In this event it was expressed that the establishment of approximately 23 thousand m2 of roofed area seeks to be a place that redefines the concept of community through the project of which it is part called Cuadrante Sur, which seeks to recover a 17 hectare property and transform it into a corporate, residential and even entertainment quadrant with THE HUB.

THE HUB, in which the pillars of sports, art, gastronomy and entertainment are key to the concept it offers, aims to contribute to the resurgence of the area as a city center where residents can find everything they need, resulting in a better quality of life. And not only this, but each of the projects in the pipeline will attract investment to enrich the social dynamics and growth of the area.

THE HUB marks the beginning of a new era for Centro Sur, as its architectural and design proposal, as well as its commercial and entertainment experiences, consisting of a gourmet area with a gastronomic variety, a sports area with paddle tennis courts, a gym, ice rink, movie theater and much more, promises to be a catalyst for activity in the city. A place where all families can find, on any day of the week and at any time of the day, a space to develop activities that contribute to a fuller life.